Sunday, December 03, 2006

.:: income!! ::.

yes!! that's what i kept thinking bout...!! money and money... where can i get those money as u noe... no school, no pocket money.. mak wouldnt give any money laa.. huh.. how ek?? everyone needs money..
maaaaa..... 7th Disember 2006.. fuh, the most waited date.. my last paper n i'm not a school student anymore..hahahaha... on that nite, i'll go to kedah..
lamenyer x blik kedah.. hehe.. do we should meet?? yes, at first i thought.. but how?? n how?? huh, i can't imagine when n how we'll meet. what if he's not like i thought just like what happen to sha# just now.. Emi is not like what she's dreaming off, serves ur rite, sha... nak mcm irwanshah..skalik dpt huh....
for me, it's ok laa.. i've never dream to have a boyfriend as gorgeous as zaquan adha, it's enough as he loves me n noe how to make me happy...
gosh..what have i done... i told ya bout my love..haha.. never mind laa.. that's what blogs are create of..
wuh..there re so many grammatical error la here..
today, i'd hanging out with muh best buddies. yup!! we're the best... we smacked the chicken rice shop..hahaha... padan muka!!
i cant wait to meet him... huh, just be patient laaaaa...

M.O.T.S = love someone ya noe!!

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