Saturday, May 26, 2007


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Location: Under Bikini Atoll,
Pacific Ocean
Former Names: Bikini Bottomshire,[1]
Main Industries:Franchising,[3] retail,[4] automaking, film making,
Population: 346,853+[5]

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Clockwise from top left: Sandy Cheeks, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Mr. Krabs, Squidward Tentacles,

..:: theme songs ::.

it's a great idea which came across on my mind while i'm in the car just now on my way home..
every single thing happens to me, i wish there's a song which really get into my mood... u noe...THEME SONGS
in my list n still on the top is JANJIKU by SOFAZ..enjoy their vc

THE THEME IS UNFAITHFUL. It's happen when the gal was cheat by the guy.. N by the time the gal noticed bout it, it's too late for the guy to ask for her forgiveness.
He should really noe bout this before he screwed up their relationship.. In fact, gal could be so pleased n also hard to please..
Guys out there, please take note bout this..

Dear him, this song really meaningful...esp for us...kannn.. Gmak!! But tq so much.. We learnt too many things from our past time.. We're being matured n look at us.. daaaaaa... msn smileys

to be continued..

Friday, May 25, 2007

.:: miserable n loneliness ::.

i'm not alone but i AM lonely

overdose emo

hurm..wut more can i say bout this long as i'm here my life will always be like this..yeah.. i wish i'm not here but trust me, never believe in miracle. miracle's bullshit, nonsense

maner ader keajaiban lam dnia yg kejam ni.

btol..dunia sguh kejam.. that's what i told them..

dunia yg x kejam hnyalah dunia di bikini bottom.. di mana sponge bob dan patrick bersuka ria.. oh..alangkah indahnya dunia di sana..

tiada sesiaap dapat menghalang jika hendak bersuka ria..


aku tensen..tensennya aku..


Saturday, May 19, 2007

.:: wow!! i'm back ::.

seems so long i didnt visit my own home..hukhuk..
now wut?? am i still a rebel?? of course yaa.. mUna still mUna.. no changes n perhaps..
yeah..yeah.. another speechless of me. lately i faced so many wow!!! undescriptive.. 18..
why'd such things should happened to me when i'm on this age?? 18..18..8teen.
ok..maybe u guys need an interpreter when i'm writing in this laguage..heks.. seems my writing was so broken..ok..
hahaah..suker ati aku ler nak nulih mcm maner pon..susa ker..huh

it's complicated..hurm
world always mean..mean!! so mean..i'm tired of their game..but wut should i do.. quit mean i losed.. i aint a i??

hati means nafsu..ker? aku slalu do things based on wut did my heart said.. yeah.. adakah aku mengikut kata nafsuku?? kannn.kann..
frustrated, disappointed, upset..
that's me recently..

aku kecewa ngan diriku, aku kecewa dgn 'mereka' dan aku kecewa dgn 'dia'

god bless me

isit wrong when i'm hopping for er..eternal happiness..
i just wanna be happy..
happy means him..but why'd people become so...arghhh!!!

my song now is 'BUKAN DIRIKU' by samsons

'Walau ku masih mencintaimu, ku harus meninggalkanmu,
ku harus melupakanmu,
meski hatiku menyayngimu,
nurani membutuhkanmu,..bla...bla...'


i missed him

M.O.T.S >> noe yourself before getting noe themselves

Monday, March 05, 2007

.:: school's sux, but i miss it a lot!! ::.

when i was in school i use to think when i'm gonna leave this sux, dork place.. for me school is sumthing's nonsense.. why we have to go to school n keep studying to get the best result in each examinations while we will die, guys!! hahaha... all of dis is rididculous... we dont need all the development bcause there's nothing to do with dat when we were in lubang kubo!! hah..
i'd just thought what if everyone think like me,... there'll no this computer.. hahaha... i'm sux, just ignore me...
and now, i noe, i'm totally wrong..
school is the best place for everything... we got the new experience there, we'd got new friends, new knowledge... n so on...
so, SCHOOL WASNT SUCK!! hahah... all of us will never forget all da thing that we have done when we were in school, aite...
apologise me, my skewl.. i'm proud to be one of ya student, dut!!
i miss it a lot, everything... these moments wont be repeat, so, for all those who were still in school, just appreciate it!! love ya school as u love ur man or girl.. yeah, i'm not bluffing... i always not bluffing...esp to myself..
study smart, i mean REALLY smart...

M.O.T.S >> love school time!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

.:: everything's changing ::. i kept talkin' bout dis, aite??

hullow... i'm getting back n get ready to be messed up.. haha.. tidy ur room!!! daaa... stop it, misz.. ok.. back to the topic!! thing's are changing.. even me also not the same muna like when i wore my uniform, with the black shoes n my side bag.. nope!! i used to be like that.. but now, whoever know me, will be suprised with my dressing.. peh... malatopp beb!! hahaha
we should change... just dont stay the same.. aite?? it will be bored.. yaa..
hidup ini memerlukan perubahan and that's what we call life.. kalu semua benda tak berubah, semua kelihatan sama, just go to the hell laaa... aku pun berubah, sumer orang berubah.. tapi, kalau nak berubah pon, it should be better tahn the past.. kan??

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