Saturday, March 03, 2007

.:: everything's changing ::. i kept talkin' bout dis, aite??

hullow... i'm getting back n get ready to be messed up.. haha.. tidy ur room!!! daaa... stop it, misz.. ok.. back to the topic!! thing's are changing.. even me also not the same muna like when i wore my uniform, with the black shoes n my side bag.. nope!! i used to be like that.. but now, whoever know me, will be suprised with my dressing.. peh... malatopp beb!! hahaha
we should change... just dont stay the same.. aite?? it will be bored.. yaa..
hidup ini memerlukan perubahan and that's what we call life.. kalu semua benda tak berubah, semua kelihatan sama, just go to the hell laaa... aku pun berubah, sumer orang berubah.. tapi, kalau nak berubah pon, it should be better tahn the past.. kan??

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