Saturday, May 26, 2007

..:: theme songs ::.

it's a great idea which came across on my mind while i'm in the car just now on my way home..
every single thing happens to me, i wish there's a song which really get into my mood... u noe...THEME SONGS
in my list n still on the top is JANJIKU by SOFAZ..enjoy their vc

THE THEME IS UNFAITHFUL. It's happen when the gal was cheat by the guy.. N by the time the gal noticed bout it, it's too late for the guy to ask for her forgiveness.
He should really noe bout this before he screwed up their relationship.. In fact, gal could be so pleased n also hard to please..
Guys out there, please take note bout this..

Dear him, this song really meaningful...esp for us...kannn.. Gmak!! But tq so much.. We learnt too many things from our past time.. We're being matured n look at us.. daaaaaa... msn smileys

to be continued..

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