Monday, December 15, 2008

Things Happened

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Semoga sihat yo!

oh my. [when i start writing with this heavy sigh, seriously i am having / facing worst things]
well it's a YES.

Hari ni Cikgu Ali [my driving car instructor] kata latihan will be pukul 2 p.m And that means, tdo balik lpas Subuh! Lpas 2,3 messages wit Ammar, tanpa buang masa, tdur lah~~~ zzzzz.

...........................................................tidur moment.........................................................................

I woke up and did two, three kemas things like always then dapat this message :

"Salam. Tarikh pulang ke IP batch kita - 12th of January 2009.
Sumber Mr Eow tersayang.
P/s : muna, hg tlg sebar kat budak pompuan kelas hg. Amanah neh. Tengkiu"

Pengirim : SyaPen yang baek hati

12 hb! Means -- lewat seminggu. Tanpa buang masa aku pon gtau girls kelas aku except some yang aku tade in muh phonebook *sorry*

I did some thought and the most thing i kept thinking about is : nothing. Gotcha.

Ok. 2 p.m sharp -- still in the toilet. Singing happily

2.10 p.m -- having lunch. Hell good. with just RM 13 - abah beli various lauks yg YUMMY oh!

2.20 p.m -- gerak gi Bukit Katil.

still doing that parking part. whatever.

4 p.m -- g Jusco jap. Shop on a nice blouse and a lousy pants. Nice. Worth : Just RM 68. Affordable one.

5 p.m -- went home. Check on messages. There's ammar's, farah's, nadh's, syapen's and eton's. Most about the exact date of our registration day as student of PISMP and some about allowance. [well they've been the hottest topic among student of IPGs]


Mom's went home. [mesyuarat pemeriksa kertas BM SPM @ Canossa Convent Malacca]
And oh my god!! Ada donut panas pasar malam! Heaven!! Donut tuh sangat2 lembut, yummy, creamy, tasty and etc.

*and where's the worst part?*

here. Lately, i've been so much into others' troubles which most of them have nothing to do with me. Thanks fer those compliments saying "You're a good listener, thank you"
Well. I'm proud of it as tak ramai dianugerahkan kesabaran tahap itu [ha-ha]

Every single things yang terjadi around me buat aku rasa "wow! this is LIFE. U're weak? Goodbye then!"
I've this couple of friends who think i knew everything. Hello. What the hell made u guys think like that? I'm a person yet still immatured. [well matured fer sometimes] ha-ha.

I am not problem solver. Again, I cant solve every single problems. What I able to do is just sit, listen and give some thought in case if u need one. I am so sorry if I change nothing though i helped with all my best. I AM SO SORRY, friends.

*sigh* I feel terribly bad when i think i'm not helping at all. Too bad.
Just to let u guys know, i'm not happy when i couldnt give anythings that will help. Seriously. I'm not laying down and just enjoying the life while my friends are facing hard time there. Too bad I couldnt help and I wish I was.

Enough with drama words.


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