Saturday, August 29, 2009

A story about si nyanyuk

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Salam Perjuangan

I found myself a bit oblivious every time the thing is about assignment or homework. They were all noted down - in the tazkirah book, in the meeting book, in the side note book, yet i still can't remember them till the last one day at home. Waddafish is going on me?

I'm going back to Penang tomorrow, well it's already twelve so it's about less than 12 hours, i'll be in the bus again having a long-bored journey all alone.

I just remembered there's still 3 or 4 tasks that i've not even touch. Not at all. Geography (well yes it's Nagamah's), mathematics (the 3d polyhedral one), hey what's another three?? See i'm getting nyanyuk day by day.

I tried to read Sejarah Melayu - demi assignment KS En Hasni -and after 20 minutes i found myself holding the Astro's remote tried to reach Astro Warna - i know lah bapak i tak langgan tapi mana tau tiba2 Astro tersalah setting bagi percuma kat rumah i. Sejarah Melayu? What more can i say, the name suits on it. Hanya tinggal sejarah lah.

Sigh. I know i've been wasting all the time reading this, youtubing SPONTAN, writing this, haha i know i've been such a pathetic sitting in front of the pc and suddenly laughed when SPONTAN itu sangat heaven kelakar sumpah i gelak sampai nangis. Mak kata i gila. tsk.tsk. But when i start dengan semangat penuh kental macam Malik Mydin muda-muda untuk siapkan assignment, tak sampai 10 minit i already pandang ceiling talking to those lizards. Apa salah i ditakdirkan jadi malas? (T.T)

Muna kenapa kau nyanyuk dan malas? Kau tau bukan bila kau balik maktab, loads of things waiting for you, si tua nyanyuk yang pemalas. Class pictures for sale dah siap edit? Banner ihya' apa cerita? Dan bukankah due date assignment kau awal bulan? And now it's already 29th. You're so dead, girl.

--have u been writing a reminder letter for yourself, remind all such things that u have been or not being done, yada..yada.. so this entry lebih kurang mcm tuh la..--

Just a random picture taken by my phone. I just miss them. A lot. Sangat-sangat. Bilakah lagi undangan Mu untuk kami ke sana - bulan Ramadhan ? Apa khabar mereka ya? Puasakah mereka? I forget how i miss Kuala Mu very much. heavylongsigh.

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