Monday, December 08, 2008

Excuses for Handing in Homework Late : Berkesan ! =)

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11 Excuses for Handing in Homework Late

  1. My homework is late because I was up all night writing letters demanding better pay for teachers
  2. Aliens from the planet Zog took my homework as an example of great literature
  3. I can't give in my homework as we had burglars last night and they stole it
  4. I couldn't do my homework because i accidentally superglued my teeth together and had to go to the dentist's
  5. I can't hand in my homework because the cat had kittens in my school bag
  6. I've been replaced by an evil robot replica and it doesn't do homework
  7. I couldn't do my homework because my contact lenses stuck to my eyes
  8. I couldnt do my homework because I was grieving the death of my pet rock
  9. I have done my homework but it's done in invisible ink
  10. My homework's late because I have an attention deficient disorder, er... what was I saying?
  11. I didn't do my homework because my inner child didn't feel like it.

It's damn funny. I think it works though. [ha-ha]
I ripped from Cathy Hopkins' Mates Dates And Mad Mistakes. This book is awesome. Seriously.

Mates, Dates and Mad Mistakes by Cathy Hopkins.

I'll tell you guys bout this books and those in the series later.


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