Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because it is DULL

I saw the colourless rainbow
I saw the black cloud
I saw the mourning trees
I saw the bird is dead
I saw no grass
I saw no butterfly
I saw they're talking
With no any sound

They're various
But I saw they're all black
I heard them
Like bees
They laughed
But I don't

I asked "What is happy?"
They said joy
But I don't feel it.

Because the heart is DULL.

I who DULL,
27th Jan 2010

2 dah komen wuu~:

nurul sakinah md zulfakar on 7:09 PM said...

mungkinkah kia dh terpengaruh dek zarepan

Muna 'Izzah Md Isa on 7:21 PM said...

mungkin juga. virus zarep lebih bahaya dari h1n1. maka ayuh kurung beliau


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